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ERP Development

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system Microsoft Dynamics
Since the early 1980s I have been programming computer systems. Starting with a language called 'Database' on a medium data technology mainframe called 'Datapoint' to todays modern development environments like Visual Studio I used several different programming languages. But nowadays with C# and Java almost every computer system can be programmed and so I concentrate on these languages. Eventually it is all about knowing the class objects and methods of the environment to program and finding the sometime deeply hidden data structures.

Modification and applications

More then 20 years experience of code modifications to meet customers requirements. Usually additional applications are needed, when a new ERP System shall be introducing in a company. But also adding features to or modifying of the implementation of the standard business logic might be necessary. All thing can be done with an ERP system like Microsoft Dynamics.

For this it is very important – also for speed of development – to know the specific business objects a AX/D365FO module is using. Eventually not every developer might be the best fit for a particular job. I therefore determined the modules and process cycles, where I might be really the best fit, because I

  • first used the module on my for the daily business
  • secondly have already introduced the module as leading consultant, with configuring, setting up and providing data migrations
  • and thirdly did a lot of modifications of the standard implementation and already developed additional functions

However, I determined following areas of expertise for developing Microsoft Dynamics AX/D365FO:

Fields of expertise:

  • Discrete production

    Production control, BOMs, Routes, work schedules, data reports

  • Product configurator

    Constraint-based product configuration, product attributes

  • Master planning

    Material Resource Planning, planned orders, requirement coverage

  • Supply chain

    Sales, CRM, procurement, inventory transactions

  • Warehouse

    Advanced Warehouse (WHS) configuration and integration

  • Quality management

    Quality management orders, compliances and internal controls

  • Data migration

    All modules, X++, C# .NET interop, ToIncrease Business integration, custom interfaces, data migration (DMF)